Pioneering – Kingdom Style

Here are five segments I did recently on the matter of pioneering.  Pioneering is a requirement for people who want to follow Jesus.  These came from a conversation I had with some young Africa people who had recently come to Australia to study, completed their degrees, were married and are trying to find jobs.  Their experience is classic pioneering and, as such, it is hard work.  One of the reasons why it is hard is because they are in the midst of a community where not everyone is pioneering.  Perhaps the majority are settlers – quite comfortably.  This is a primary metaphor of the life of a person seeking to follow Jesus.  In this nation we have kingdom pioneers.  They are in the minority.  Most of the people who claim to follow Jesus are settlers.  They have started following but have settled at some small place on a road that isn’t finished.  They are the people who have sacrificed their destination for the sake of the comfort they are able to manage where they are. I want to continue to pioneer the kingdom of God.  I want to see how it comes and how it is foreshadowed and how it is proclaimed.  This is how I understand the ministry and nature of Jesus Christ.  He was a kingdom of God person living in the kingdom of this world and engaging with it.  I want to encourage and be encouraged by the other pioneers who hunger and thirst for that kind of righteousness, whose palates are not satisfied with the take-away food provided at the roadside food bars because they have tasted the banquet of heaven and are spoiled forever.  These people are not the heavenly-minded super-spiritual people who talk in mysteries.  These people are the life changers and transformation agents.  They are not looking for private personal pleasure, but for seeing the end of unworthy pain and suffering and of unworthy pursuits.  These people are engaged with an ever expanding portion of the community they live in and the communities beyond.  For the sake of Jesus and the kingdom they do not rest and are not satisfied.

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