poverty-in-africaJesus preached a sermon one day that has been forever known throughout history as the “Sermon on the Mount.”  It is an amazing and wonderful expression of what the kingdom of God is like.  But it begins in a funny way.  He starts out by referring to nine different attitudes that people have that qualify them to feel blessed.  If I am warm on a cold night I feel blessed because of that warmth.  If I am with my children and their children sitting around a table spending time together I feel blessed because it brings me so much pleasure.  They are my family.  Even when they are a bit ratty, I still feel blessed to be ‘un-alone’ in this life.  Well, Jesus talks about that same kind of experience related to nine different attitudes:  poverty of spirit, grief, meekness, passion for righteousness, merciful, purity of heart, working for peace, being mistreated for the sake of righteousness, and being belted for following Jesus.  Not a list that would make it to any popular magazine on the Australian market.  The well being involved in all of these attitudes is hidden in what they lead to or what happens as a result:  God’s kingdom comes, comfort happens, we get to be free in all the earth, we get to see righteous results, we receive mercy, we get to see God, we get to be called God’s children, we get heavenly reward.


I have included five programs here that I did for the Christian radio show I have each day during the week in Canberra on 1 WAY FM.  It is about the first of these nine blessings.  It it about being “poor in spirit” so that the kingdom of God can come.


I hope you find them useful and helpful.


Brian Medway

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