God is calling people to plant the seeds that will restore the church as a living proclamation of the kingdom of God.

His intent was that now, through the church, the manifold wisdom of God should be made known to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly realms, according to his eternal purpose that he accomplished in Christ Jesus our Lord.  Ephesians 3


if we are to look to the new testament information about what a kingdom looking church would look like, here are some of the answers.  They are a summary of two small pieces of new testament research.  The first list is from the sermon on the mount and the second is a summary of the specific teaching, given by Jesus, about the kingdom of God – as applied to a group of believers (we).  The summary in each case is a description of what the value might look like if a group of people adopted it as part of their collective calling.  In essence, it becomes something of a “confession of faith.”  It may also be viewed as a “pictur” of how God sees you and your fellow believers.

KINGDOMSNAPSHOTS                                        (Matthew 5-7)

  • We need to depend on God every day for everything (5:3)
  • We grieve for everything that is separated from God. (5:4)
  • We fulfill our own calling by helping others fulfill theirs (5:5).
  • We want righteousness only as a gift from God (5:6)
  • We show mercy to everyone whenever they mess up. (5:7)
  • We are more concerned about the purity of our heart than how we look to others. (5:8)
  • When people are separated together we work to find the way to bring them together in oneness. (5:9)
  • We don’t care what unjust or hurtful things other people might say about us or do to us as long as we get to be more and more like Jesus. (5:10,11)
  • We are determined that people will know about God because they know about us 5:13-16)
  • We want to discover God’s intentions so we can embody them and serve them (5:17-20)
  • We don’t stay angry with anyone or allow divisions to remain. (5:21-26)
  • We only have sexual desires for the person to whom we are married. (5:27-30)
  • We hate divorce and will do all we can to strengthen marriages. (5:31,32)
  • We honour all our spoken commitments (5:33-37)
  • We find ways to bless the people who give us a hard time. (5:38-42)
  • We find ways to love people who are against us. (5:43-48)
  • We are generous without any need to be acknowledged. 6:1-4)
  • We pray and fast to relate to God not to impress others (6:5-18)
  • We want the kingdom of God to come much more than caring about money or possessions. 6:19-34)
  • We are always more aware of our own failings than those of others.(7:1-6)
  • Our first priority is to ask and seek God and trust what comes from him. (7:7-11)
  • We treat other people the way we would like to be treated. (7:12)
  • We don’t care how difficult something is. What matters to us is going after more and more of the life God gives. (7:13,14)
  • We measure leadership and discipleship by its fruit, not by its words. (7:15-20)
  • Knowing Jesus better is more important to us than any other relationship. (7:21-23)
  • We discover what God has said by doing it, not just by hearing it.(7:24-27)


  • We are prepared to set aside what we currently think in order to trust what God says (Mark 1:15 Jesus begins ministry )
  • We depend on Holy Spirit power not human ability, even if it is consecrated ability. (John 3 Jesus and Nicodemus )
  • The transformation we seek is that which begins inside a person when they choose to follow Jesus as King. (Luke 17:20 religious leaders ask when the kingdom will come )
  • We want our personal and corporate lives to reflect more of what is happening in heaven. (Matt. 6:9 Lord’s Prayer )
  • We know how to challenge every different kind of incumbent earthly kingdom. (Matt. 11:1ff Jesus and John the Baptist )
  • We have authority over demonic presence and influence (Matt 12:22ff Jesus accused of using demonic power )
  • We want God’s word for become our life experience (Matt. 13:1ff the sower )
  • We want to be different to but not separated from every part of our community. (Matt 13:24ff weeds in the crop )
  • We start with what is small and unseen but with an irresistible capacity to influence the whole (Matt. 13:31ff mustard seed )
  • We are willing to trade what we already have in order to gain what we have never experienced from God (Matt 13:44ff treasure in a field )
  • We take complete responsibility for doing our part, but completely trust God to do his part – and know the difference. (Mark 4:26ff the farmer sowing seed )
  • We serve the highest cause from the lowest human status (Matt 18 the greatest in the kingdom )
  • We work on the basis of forgiveness, rather than blame and guilt. (Matt. 18 unforgiving servant )
  • We treat everyone among us with the same honour and receives the same reward (Matt 20, workers in the vineyard )
  • We do the work with those who are the most committed, not the most talented (Matt 22, the wedding banquet )
  • We are looking for and ready for God to make his presence known regardless of how it impacts personal preference or convenience. (Matt. 25, ten bridesmaids )
  • We only gain more authority by fully implementing what we already know and understand from God. (Matt. 25 the talents )


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