Vacation for real men has been in existence since the times of the first hunting for mammoths. The time has come to revive this tradition – exclusive vacation for men is coming into fashion again.

The term “mancation”, composed of the words “man” and “vacation”, was borrowed from the film “The Break-Up” (2006). Soon the expression came into use of American hotel business.

According to statistics, group tourism enriches the economy of the USA for 40 billion dollars. 8 million groups of men, of women and mixed groups go on vacation annually. Every member of the group spends on average $800, and men usually spend more money than women.

In 2007 prestige hotels for the first time opened the tours for mancaton. They are divided into 2 groups: the tours for “metrosexual men”(those who like chic and cosmetic procedures) and the tours for “retrosexual men”(those who are not so much fond of beauty and like more luxury and good food).

The first group of men is offered services of SPA-saloons and beauty saloons, and the second one is offered different active programs, such as heli-skiing, mountain climbing by means of quadrocycle etc.

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